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There is no place like home

This was a post that I have so badly wanted to write, and didn’t know where to begin. To display pictures publicly of our home feels foreign and in no way would I want it to come across as braggadocious. So to show you pictures of this home we had the opportunity to build would be an injustice…

The secret of contentment

As soon as I discovered this flaw you can bet I made it my challenge to master contentment. But does contentment just mean happiness in your current situation? Read more as I discuss how God has molded my heart lately on the very thing he has in store for us in 2017 as well as some great family photos.

Building a Pallet Mirror

Do you ever have an itch to conquer a project that seems completely unnecessary, but the challenge and thought of taking on such a ridiculous project makes your heart skip a beat? Only me? This was one of those heart-skipping projects I just could not get out of my head.