Press in and press on

Quitting when it got hard may have seemed like the easier choice at the time, but pressing in and asking God for guidance, endurance and JOY gave us the chance to build character and the opportunity for my son to see the importance of perseverance. 

No school December

December is one of our favorite months for many reasons, but the fact that we do not officially do our school work really gets my kids excited. Read more to find out why I decided to make this rebellious decision for my family and just how we fill our days in December.

Just hanging on

Fall always brings about changes in our household. I needed this post to process some things the Lord put on my heart in regards to this season of change and perhaps maybe you too can relate. 

Health and Healing

It has been a few months since I have shared about my cleanse and my continued health journey. In this post I am updating you on where I am on that journey and some of the biggest differences I have noticed. 

Making the most of your homeschool year

School days, school days dear old golden rule days...Oh August. Summer is over and school is here and if you find yourself in a bit of a funk or overwhelmed with the thought of homeschooling for the first time, or just hopping back into a new year, I have a few tips. Honestly, they are things I need to remind myself constantly.

Food for thought

1 month out from my cleanse, and I have never been more convinced of the connection between health and spiritual health. I am sharing all my thought provoking revelations the Lord has placed on my heart through this journey so far.

All the Feels

What do you do when you simply have a hard time mustering up the feelings to drive the motivation to keep doing the things you know need to be done to fill in those gaps of not having all the right "feels"? 

Using our gifts for good

We are all given 24 hours in a day. We are all given the gift of life and gifts in this life to steward, and to steward well. In this post, I am sharing with you a conviction that has been on my heart in regards to how we take care of the gifts we are given.