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Incorporating Unit Studies

Heather Robison is a homeschooling Mom of 5 in Utah. She does such a great job of incorporating unit studies into their days and it is inspiring to say the least. If you have ever wondered about unit studies, or would just love to glean some wisdom from this sweet Mama you have come to the right place.

Press in and press on

Quitting when it got hard may have seemed like the easier choice at the time, but pressing in and asking God for guidance, endurance and JOY gave us the chance to build character and the opportunity for my son to see the importance of perseverance. 

All the Feels

What do you do when you simply have a hard time mustering up the feelings to drive the motivation to keep doing the things you know need to be done to fill in those gaps of not having all the right "feels"? 

Something had to change

I always resisted a formal schedule because I wanted to take advantage of every perk I assumed in the privilege of homeschooling my children. In my mind, we could do what we wanted, when we wanted and in our pajamas. Read on about how wrong I was.

Words of life: a family staple

You know those rare people you meet or come in contact with that have an incredible story and are so filled with grace and unshakable peace that you just cling to the words that come out of their mouth? Almost always, those very people leave an impression on you for a lifetime.

Families stick together

We were barely a couple months in to our second homeschool year and I found myself crying on the bathroom floor trying to figure out how I would have the stamina and heart to continue to teach my children...